A Fantastic Collection of Classic Halloween Costumes Inspired by movies & TV Shows

A Fantastic Collection of Classic Halloween Costumes Inspired by movies & TV Shows

Here we are again, at the spookiest time of the year! It is the perfect time to dress up as some of the most iconic characters seen on the big and small screens alike.

Halloween is just around the corner. The best way to pretend to be someone else for a night is to dress up as your favorite TV or movie character for Halloween, even if your grand plans involve a scary movie marathon and a spooky cocktail.

Consider recreating the look of a classic horror film if you want to go for a scary look. Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ all have a wealth of dramas, sitcoms, and action series you can decide from. A throwback to the 90s or even the 80s could also make a great costume. And you can never go wrong with a memorable Disney hero or supervillain. 

In addition to being stylish and practical, all these "costumes" double as useful additions to your wardrobe. You've come to the right place...keep scrolling...and scrolling……we have a ton of ideas for your Halloween 2022 adventures. All that's left to do is choose a stunning eye makeup look to go with your Halloween character.

We are one of the best Spooky Halloween costume stores in Edmonton with a wide collection of the most popular Halloween costumes by year. 

Here are some of the Popular Halloween characters' costumes of 2022

1. Money Heist 

Netflix acquired and marketed Money Heist globally and aired it in December 2017. The series originally aired in May 2017. An intriguing mystery character- referred to as the "Professor"- leads two heists and the drama ensues. In Spanish, the show is named Casa de Papel. It spans five seasons/parts, with the final part ending in December 2021.

Come loot this year's Halloween dress-up party for all the attention and love. The Money Heist Costume you've always wanted is finally here! 

2. Hocus Pocus

Bringing a wide range of supernatural powers to the town, some unsuspecting pranksters conjure up a trio of 300-year-old witches. Hocus Pocus 2 is coming to Disney+ in time for Halloween 2022. Hocus Pocus Halloween costumes for adults, kids, and tweens allow you to dress as your favorite witch family, the Sanderson sisters. Shop Sanderson Sisters costumes (including plus size!) and Hocus Pocus costumes (including plus size!) for your favorite Halloween film. Dress up as the Sanderson sisters and wear their jewel-toned capes for an incredibly spooky Halloween costume.

3. Beetlejuice

Tim Burton directed Beetlejuice in 1988, which was produced by The Geffen Company and distributed by Warner Bros, Pictures. Betelgeuse (also known as Beetlejuice) is a trickster and mischievous ghost. He is the main antagonist of his own live-action movie. Check out our Beetlejuice costumes for a look from the grave. We have Beetlejuice Costumes for you to transform into one of Tim Burton's best movie characters!  All ages will enjoy Beetlejuice and Lydia costumes. Get them fast with our fast shipping. Check out the best selection of 2022 Halloween Beetlejuice items. Shop all the Beetlejuice items you need at Soul of Halloween. 

4. Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein was released in 1935 and is the first sequel to Universal Pictures' movie Frankenstein released in 1931. An iconic monster associated with the Frankenstein franchise is the Bride of Frankenstein. A classic Halloween costume that always slays? Just dress as Frankenstein! These Frankenstein costumes for all ages are the perfect Halloween costume in 2022 for a classic scary look. Get the best deals on the Bride of Frankenstein costume when you shop the largest online selection at Best Halloween Costume Store in Edmonton

5. Squid Game

In the months leading up to the release of Squid Game, Netflix might not have expected it to become its most popular show. The demon did know, however, that he wanted it bloody. There is a surge in demand for Halloween Squid Game costumes. Streamers are rushing to get their hands on Netflix's hottest show ever, a South Korean drama. It's time to hit up Halloween parties in style with a costume based on Squid Game. 

The above-mentioned are some of the options you can apply this year for Halloween 2022. As the Best Licensed Costume Store in Edmonton, we have a wide collection of licensed costumes. For exciting offers visit our website or in-store to buy the scary men's and women's Halloween costumes. 

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