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Trends for Halloween Costumes 2022

Treats and tricks aren't the only things on Halloween, it's an opportunity to dress up and be creative. This year, instead of going the classic route with a witch costume or alien costume, you can have some fun with some new costume options to impress your family and friends. A good way to stand out is to wear a popular television character, or someone memorable from 2022.
You're going to need an amazing costume regardless of how you celebrate the spooky season this year. Taking a stroll two nights in a row may require two if you're feeling ambitious. In this article, we'll let you know which Halloween costumes are on the verge of becoming popular in 2022, as well as what key pieces you should buy right now to guarantee that you'll be the sexiest and the funniest of your friends from Wigs to makeup and even contact lenses.
There are no end to the possibilities when it comes to Halloween costumes. Other creative Halloween costumes you can find at our store include trio Halloween costumes, couples Halloween costumes, group Halloween costumes, and more. There's no wrong way to dress up this Halloween!
Featuring a wide variety of Halloween Costumes in Edmonton, our online store is your one-stop-shop for costumes.
For the perfect Halloween costume, check out some of these Top 5 Halloween costumes from 2022!
  • Red Riding Hood Costume
  • The story of "Little Red Riding Hood" is a European fantasy about a young girl who befriends a wolf. Little Red remains a most familiar fairy tale character, no matter how many times it has been adapted over centuries. Brother Grimm describes her as "...a sweet, little girl who was loved by everyone. She was always used to called as ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. She had “a little riding hood of red velvet that suited her so well that everyone calls her ‘Little Red Riding Hood’”. Throughout Little Red Riding Hood's ever-changing persona, her little red cape has remained constant. This would be one of the best costumes you could wear this Halloween.
  • Deadly Ninja Costume
  • Ninjas are awesome, that's for sure .A ninja outfit should be dark, concealing and comfortable – the better to execute your ninja moves. Stand out while lurking in the shadows in the our Deadly Ninja Costume. This Sexy Halloween costume includes a hooded deep-V jumpsuit with shoulder guards and attached leg wraps, red waist sash, arm warmers with attached wraps, and ninja face mask. Sure to be a top seller and don't forget its also comfortable. 
    It is best to wear a ninja outfit that is dark, concealing and comfortable-the better way to execute your ninja moves. Ninja  Costume is are very popular Halloween Costume for Adults and Kids. Usually, worn by boys, but some girls also wear it, though technically it would be a Kunoichi Costume for a women. A typical ninja costume consists of wearing all black and a mask showing only the eyes. This is also a great option to wear this Halloween. 
  • Gothic Wicked Purple Witch Halloween Costume
  • According to estimates, 5 million adults plan to dress up as witches every Halloween. No matter how many decades and centuries pass, the topic of witches continues to fascinate pop culture. a witch's costume is a common default for halloween and always will be a worthwhile classic. Go ahead! put on a black dress add other accessories like cloak or broom, but the pointy witch hat will make your witch costume come together. Classic costumes are always a great go to and you can't go wrong with this costume this Halloween!
  • Moonlight Bat Costume
  • Ready for a quick History Lesson, well here it goes! Early halloween celebrations likely included bats, not only symbolic but literally as well. As part of samhain festivities, Celts lit large bonfires, which attracted insects then that attracted bats, and in due course, bat sighting became associated with halloween. Many people dress up in bat costumes during halloween since bats are often associated with Halloween. This costume is great for teachers and moms that want a comfy warm costume this Halloween. Add some leggings with our Soul of Halloween's Moon light bat costume and you will never be cold in Edmonton's weather. Taking your kids trick or treating this year? No problem the moon light bat costume is a simple, classic and a fantastic idea this Halloween.
  • Classic Cinderella Costume
  •  Popular Licensed Costume of 2022

    Disney characters have become ubiquitous! The "PRINCESS CULTURE" has become the focus of girls imaginations as they watch Moana and Frozen on loop. But, Princesses are not just for girls! Adults can be princesses too!  Soul of Halloween has a wide variety of Princess`s but our Classic Cinderella costume is on demand this Halloween. Teachers and moms love to dress up with their kids and this costume is definitely on trend for 2022. We have to say! We wish glass slippers existed and a human foot could walk in them but I am sure some comfortable flats would work out just fine!
    Keep on trend with all the hottest and most Popular Halloween Costumes this year! We have 2022 costumes based on your favorite pop culture events and movies from the year 2022. If you are looking for the latest, newest, freshest, trendiest, and the funniest costumes, then you have come to the right place. We, Soul Of Halloween, Our Name Says it all! Your #1 Halloween SuperStore where you can Purchase Your Halloween Costumes in Edmonton, its time to see all that's new and exciting for trending Halloween Costumes in 2022.
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